Monday, February 21, 2011

I am one person who is blessed and endowed with a community of nieces and nephews. I call them a community because they are a sizeable number; am talking of 20 plus kids. Now before you raise up your arms in protest or you turn indigo with envy, let me state that ours is a big family and being the only son, no MAN, in the entire family of 9 sisters, what do you expect? Add countless kids from a number of cousins and the number of my nieces and nephews goes far beyond the twenty mark. Satisfied?
Now back to the story. Of course they make me happy and proud though the title ‘ankoo’ does come with a little price like being asked for ‘kitu’ (a snack, candies or fruits) every time I get home from work or every time I leave home or visit any of those siblings. And am not complaining!
Amongst these many siblings is one beautiful girl, three years old Shanieze; classic name there yeah? This little princess knows that she is cute and boy does she throw tantrums!!She is rather stubborn at times and no amount of threats, hells fire or spanking will move her.
Now once she throws such tantrums, I get the cue and simply spank her to the maximum. Now don’t look at me with those eyes .Remember “spare the rod………”.And because I want Shanieze to be an orderly Kenyan, a mzalendo,I often take responsibility.
But one thing I have noted is that no matter how I may discipline her and no matter how many litres of tears she may shed, this little angel will always welcome my embrace after a short while and all over again we will be buddies. Shanieze will ask me for ‘kitu’ and if I don’t have it, she won’t sulk the whole day. We would still be friends and she will still call me by my pet name “anko junior”.Discalimer: I don’t know how she came up with that name and for our communication purposes, I call her ‘Shanieze junior’ or ‘babie’.
Okey am not trying to blow some trumpet here for my sweet but some times impossible niece.No.But she has taught me some lessons on love.Yeah, believe it or not. I spank her when she misbehaves, sometimes I fail to buy her a snack or even to clean her nose but this angel looves me dearly. I often ask my self whether we adults could be so loving. Loving to people who make life difficult for us, those harsh to us, those that fail us almost all the time, those unforgiving to us…. I mean the list is long. Even those who correct us and we feel like uuuuuurrrgh! Yes, could we love on them all tirelessly and unconditionally?
Shanieze is teaching me to love and the lessons are not as easy. She hasn’t told me how she manages not to keep grudges against me or how she manages the smile even when I don’t bring home goodies. How I wish I could learn the secret!!
And how I wish all of us could let free our little shanieze’s inside us! The world would be better don’t you think so? No grudges, or hatred, or revenge, or sulking…..OH!!I HAVE BEEN TAUGHT TO LOVE AND PLEASE JOIN ME.GOD HELP ME LOVE FOR REAL

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  1. I love this piece.....little ones for sure know how to love.