Monday, February 7, 2011

  Jesus in the office?!!
 By sam chege

Jesus visited me in the office!
And I was so shocked!
For how can Jesus come and take coffee
In our office as he waits for me,
We only meet in church on sunday morning,
At that time my sins am mourning,
Pleading for his mercies and forgiveness,
And how great that time it is,
As I praise and worship,tithe and offer,
My best coin,smile and Amen!
But in the office!Oh Jesus!
Not a very good place to meet with you,
Okey Jesus, I wasn't flirting with that colleague,
I was just having some very close consultation with them,its office policy
And Jesus, I wasn't intending to browse that x rated site,not me!
It just popped out on my screen and Jesus ninge do?
Oh and Jesus I wasn't being disobedient to my boss,
Its just know how difficult bosses are..dont you?
And that colleague Jesus,I wasn't gossiping about her,
I was just giving my honest opinion about them,which isn't that bad,
Then Jesus I needed that rest sooo much,
That I had to get the sick leave,
The headche and back ache seemed like malaria, so I asked for that rest,
Ok Jesus we are having a staff meeting in five minutes,
So would you kindly finish your coffee and hurry, sweet Jesus?
What!!You want to attend our staff meeting?
Truth is that  I haven't performed so well of late coz of the pressure,
You know how hard it can get don't you?Just recall your Gethsemane experience,
Okey Jesus I know I have failed and have not been a very good ambassador,
For you and your kingdom in this office,
Please give me another chance to be better,
And please Jesus, would you kindly call next time you want to visit?
Its just for logistics purposes,nothing else,
Hey Jesus!Why that warm hug and smile on your face?
What Jesus? Its for me? That you've said you will not condemn me?
Phew!Well,well,well! Thanks Jesus for your love,
And for your mercies,goodness and care,
And Jesus, would you wait for me,so that we can go home together,
Wouldn't mind dinner with you Jesus,
And loving Jesus, I promise to make your stay in this office better next time,
Just in case you visit me again.