Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Burn the trash,keep the memories!!!

 by Sam Chege

 The other day I did something I had not done for a very long time;I burned the trash!.What trash? you may ask.You see I had not rummaged through my books and papaers for a very long time and so countless papers,books magazines ,receipts etcetra, etcetra had accumulated with time.Of course a number of them did not make sense and weren't worthy the keep.

So what did I do?I removed all my literature possessions one by one and separated the 'chaff from the 'grains.And what did i do next? I burned the trash,yeah trash for that is what i call it.Among them was a regret letter i had once received from a prominent media house telling me that though i had scored well in an interview,they were sorry that they could not ofer me employment (aki wooiyee), another one were several letters or are they love notes? from an ex,a useles new age thinking book among many others.

But as i sorted out my things,i realized there are some things that i would ever treasure eg a standard seven composition that i had written (you should read this hahaha!!!!. And i scored poa by the way), a standard seven report form,a niece's eulogy (okay,this one is hard to write, i loved this beautiful girl and we lost her too soon.God!),my college note books,my first published news paper stories (oh yes!!) among others.

Now where am i driving at with all this trash burning tale?The lesson learnt! Yes, i learnt that at one time in our lives, we do carry a lot of trash that we need to really  BURN! Some past pain,hurt,bitterness,guilt,mistakes,failures,,,the list is endless.We need to take time, sort out our lives and burn the chaff kabisaaa!!Because if we do not do that, the chaff will clog our system,destiny path and dreams and we might arrive at our destiny too tired to do anything or even not make it at all!!Sad, huh?

But then in our box of issues,there are memories,sweet memories we need to treasure and cherish and perhaps use them as testimonials any time we face challenges.Yes,proof that we can use against the devil any time he throws some discouragement our way

And so i burned the trash and retained the memories and learned the lesson.TIME FOR YOU TO BURN SOME TRASH?!!!


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  1. nice piece. burn the trash! in this life, walking light is the best way and the only way.